Archaeological Survey and Recording at Shootinglee

Part 1 – Creating the site plan

Joyce Durham carrying out a plane table survey at Shootinglee. Image © S E Scott 2021

At Shootinglee, the first task facing the surveyors was to create a plan of the whole site. This is an essential step in any detailed archaeological study, as the site plan forms the framework for all further investigations and interpretation of the archaeology. 

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Excavation of a ruined “forest stead” at Shootinglee in the Scottish Borders

The story so far……

In 2012 all that was known about Shootinglee was a name on the map, the ruins of an 18thcentury cottage and some lumps and bumps in a field.  This was enough to raise the interest of members of the Peeblesshire Archaeological Society who, on completion of the Campshiel Project, were casting round for another fieldwork project.  Since then we have been enjoyably busy researching, surveying and excavating Shootinglee.  

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